Logo Design


Café Flamingo, 2015

Café Flamingo was an identity created for a socially-engaged work of art that was a collaborative piece featured in a group exhibition. The work invited gallery visiters to sit and doodle with Sibat Tazwar (fellow artist) and I while enjoying a cup of coffee.



Los Cuidadores Del Arte Fina, 2015

The Los Cuidadores logo was designed for an Internship opportunity to support a fellow artist in the installation of his exhibition. The logo depicts a curator carefully handling art. The logo tranlsates: “The Care-takers of Fine Art”.




Creme, 2015

Creme is a personal identity and a brand that is developing and incubating both aesthetically and conceptually. A sort of passion project, Creme represents “the cream of the crop” a brand that one wears in confidence of his or her purpose and individualities.





Warrior Way_W_Template


The Warrior Way, 2015

The Warrior Way is a blog run by the students, to celebrate the students of Winona State University who are “working in creative, diverse ways to improve our campus, our community and our world”. My contribution to the blog was The Warrior Way logo. Check out their blog for more information.





 Sustainable Futures, 2014

Every year Winona State University creates a theme that connects the WSU community with relevant and authentic need. During my Campaigns class as a student in the graphic design program, my logo was chosen to represent the 2014-2015 Sustainable Futures theme. – The graphic I designed is intended to represent a hand that nurtures the earth.