As a student of art and design, I’ve had many opportunities to be a part of exhibitions over the past few years. Each group and process has been it’s own unique experience. With each show that’s gone up and come down I’ve developed better ways of presenting my work in a talk and in the gallery. There’s so much that goes on in this process and although it can be stressful at times, I’ve grown to love the opportunity to share work in a public space. The following are group exhibitions, solo exhibitions and juried exhibitions that I have been part of.





LOOSE CHANGE was a group exhibition for our design Capstone course. I collaborated with my good friend Sibat Tazwar to create Café Flamingo, our contribution to the show.




EL PUEBLOEl Pueblo De Enmedio: Illusions Del Desertwas my first solo exhibition and probably the most fun. This opportunity allowed me to compose the presentation of the work and environment in the gallery with absolute freedom.




MTPMIND (The Place) was one of my first opportunities and experiences with the process of putting on a good exhibition, from creating the work, to promoting the show, to arranging the work in the space to work well with others, to speaking about the work.




ART MUSEART MUSE is a juried exhibition that the Art Department of Winona Sate University opens up to all majors annually. I’ve submitted work to ART MUSE every year during my time at WSU.