El Pueblo De Enmedio: Illusions Del Desert


Words for The People

At the root of my exploration I reflect on my identity. I was raised in between the Mexican and American cultures and traditions, thus the title: El Pueblo De Enmedio, “The Town in Between”. There are times I find myself outcast to each race, I live a cross-pollinated lifestyle. Several studio sessions of pondering the conversation about my identity has led me to illustrate a series of mythological scenarios and works that deal with ethnicity, culture, and self-reflection. This exploration has led me to poke at a few of the more controversial ideas about the Mexican culture; from both personal experience and an outsiders perspective.





Illuminame, 2014

4ft. x 5ft. – Craft paint, cut paper, spray paint, and tape on cardboard



Deliver Me, 2014

Deliver Me, 2014

3ft. x 9ft. – Craft paint on cardboard




Paco’s New Traje, 2014

3ft. x 4.5ft. – Craft paint on cardboard




Oracle, 2014

2.5ft. x 5.5ft. – Craft paint, spray paint, water color, and cut paper on cardboard




Ponder Upon Predecessors, 2014

3ft. x 4.5ft. – Craft paint and water color on cardboard




Bendito Bandido, 2014

2.5ft. x 4ft. – Craft paint, spray paint, and manila folder on cardboard




Carpool, 2014

4ft. x 7ft. – Craft paint and spray paint on cardboard